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A renovation & construction company with small collective of dedicated interior designers who make the best out of your space.

Bright and Modern Kitchen

With Trusted & Reliable Interior Design Firm


Do NOT Hire Renovation Company in Singapore .... Until You Have Consulted Us!

No Hidden Cost 
Probably Lowest Cost In Sg
No Gst
Quality Workmanship
Exciting offer package
Direct Contractor


All Under One Roof

As a trusted expressions partner, Yellow Mallet works, select and implements from determining the aesthetic of the building to constructing the façade and interiors of housing properties.

Modern Office Kitchen
A Trusted Interior Partner

Restroom Cubicles 

Yellow Mallet Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a local Singapore company that specialize in Building Materials and providing space solution for supply & Installation of customisable restroom Toilet cubicle & partition systems that are made of compact grade phenolic laminate.

We established ourselves with experience and expertise in the Construction Material industry. 

With more than 15 years of experience, we are committed in providing a quality assurance on our design, material, workmanship, customer care and after sales services. With design & build experience that speaks, we are a “Home Specialist” that customers can trust and rely on.


is a journey of discovery

Shelly Wong


Yellow Mallet Singapore Pte Ltd


(Construction + Renovation)


Our Team

Yellow Mallet Singapore, a humble company house with experience craftsmen & workers. Committed to improvement, we have taken steps to keep reinventing ourselves in order to deliver higher standards of work to our clients We break the mound of traditional industries practices by modernizing and upgrading production methods and materials.


Yellow Mallet SG commitment is to stay up the latest trend & more environment-friendly practices to provide a more efficient, cost-saving & quality works.


With the vision of setting standards and modernizing the Construction Industry, Yellow Mallet SG has set a goal for itself to uphold the standards for the Construction & Renovation industry in Singapore.


A group of euthanasia team with a history of successful projects under their belt.


Be Part Of 
OUR Team
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0% Interest Renovation Bank Loan

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